Mexican Food Recipes-Some Insights

If you cast an eye over a map of Mexico you’ll see various distinct areas. In the heart of the country you will spot various different mountain ranges which, fundamentally, divide the western part of Mexico from the eastern areas. The central, mountainous plains are home to a sizable percentage of the population, while both the Gulf and the Pacific shores are established tourist parts. If we look at the southeast compared to the northwest, the Yucatan Peninsula is very different indeed to Baja California. This mix is reflected in the lifestyles of the people, the different climates and microclimates and eating habits of the residents.

Let’s contemplate some of these varying provincial cuisines and try and understand how some of these Mexican recipes materialized. In the central plains, locals glorify indigenous flavors, the local versions of Spanish tapas and they are renowned for making salsa. It’s used in various different ways when making enchiladas, tacos and in tortilla fillings. On the shores of the Gulf, as you might figure, dinner ideas are often based upon seafood, such as snapper, crawfish, crab and shrimp. Tamales here are fish fillets wrapped in banana leaf and this is a popular breakfast concoction as well. Tamales are also favored over on the Pacific coast, where crayfish and shrimp are often grilled over charcoal.

You might expect that fish would participate in the daily cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula as well, but in this area there are enthusiastic traditions associated with Spanish influences and Mayan culture. Pork is often used in dishes served with a sweet-and-sour sauce and you will see the use of limes, lemons and oranges added to fish dishes with crab, octopus and squid to provide a taste that is ‘out of this world’. If we travel to the North end of the country we find that red meats are most popular. This is cattle country after all and the locals passionately eat beef and have it quickly grilled, spiced and fried or braised in a stew such as chili, accompanied by salsas and side dishes. Fish is also very popular and is imported as an alternative for dinner and flour tortillas are a regular complement.

The Mexicans love to cook fresh food naturally but with an emphasis on variety, color, spice and flavor. They are consistently enthusiastic about to make sure that the food is presented nicely as we should always remember that we eat with our eyes as well as our stomachs. If you should wish you can try one of the exceptional local drinks with your meal. Tequila is of course famous but there are a great variety of localized breweries that expertly produce beers that are in demand throughout the world, as well. When searching for Mexican food you can definitely find a diverse range of choices based on local specialities. Indeed, you could rustle up a varying style for each night of the week and still enjoy a range of foods incorporating many ingredients well known in North American cooking but with that special, Mexican twist to make sure that you’ll remember it very fondly.